MBGH 2019 Wellness & Health Benefit Conference

Putting It All Together: Physical + Mental Health

Our August 7, 2019 Annual Conference is the highest rated conference we have had to date! Approximately 200 HR, benefit, well-being professionals, as well as health plans, health systems, medical practices, healthcare industry, and community organizations gathered to learn how to erase that artificial line we have drawn between physical and mental health.

Our expert presenters offered you proven strategies to advance your efforts to connect physical and mental health. Click here to get a pdf of the presentation slides. New this year, we are providing you additional resources to deepen your understanding of each conference topic. Share the slides and resources with your colleagues as you implement your own strategies to fully integrate physical and mental health in your benefits, well-being programs, and, most importantly, your organizational culture. 


Employers are beginning to realize that we have drawn very hard lines between physical and mental health. We know these lines are artificial because the evidence of a strong mind-body connection is clear. We also know that our employees bring the context of their whole lives to work with them every day: their emotional, physical, and spiritual selves.

To continue to organize and operate well-being and health benefits in the silos of physical and mental health doesn’t make sense and it limits program effectiveness.

MBGH’s conference provided an opportunity tol hear first hand from national and regional employers and experts about how physical and mental health are connected; which strategies are used to break down current silos; what “whole person health” looks like; how technology supports integration; and more!

Attendees walked away with a better understanding and appreciation for how to fundamentally change your approach to well-being programming and health benefits, thereby delivering positive business results

Sessions & Resources

Opening Keynote Panel

Mike Thompson, CEO of the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions, lead a discussion with Laurie Lee, Executive Director of the State of Tennessee Employee Benefits Administration, and Laura Shultz, Director of Behavioral Health-Ambulatory Care for Methodist Healthcare, about the connection between mental and physical health in benefits,well-being, and in care delivery.

Collaborative Care (Center for Workplace Mental Health)

Embedding a Psychologist into Primary Care (Journal of Primary Care & Community Health)

Collaborative Care Guide for Physicians (Advancing Integrated Mental Health Solutions)

And...Memphis will soon have psychologists embedded in Methodist Medical Group primary care clinics...we'll keep you up-to-date on the progress.

Closing Keynote Address

Paul Gionfriddo, CEO of Mental Health America, shared his passion for erasing the artificial lines between physical and mental health that is rooted in his personal  experience with his son Tim and daughter Larissa where these differences were profound failed his son and family. His vision to Act B4Stage4 inspired attendees to create this culture at your worksite, not only for your employees, but also for your organization's performance.

Changing the Conversation: B4Stage4 (Mental Health America)

2019 Mind the Workplace Report (Mental Health America)

Workplace Mental Health Assessment (Mental Health America; Center for Workplace Mental Health; One Mind)

Breakout Sessions

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Barbara McClanahan, PhD, University of Memphis Health Promotion Program

How Your Mental Health Reaps the Benefits of Exercise (Psychology Today)

Depression and Anxiety: Exercise Eases Symptoms  (Mayo Clinic)


Mind, Body, Whole

Candace Billings and Syidah Abdullah, Sundara Wellness  

The Model for Healthy Living: A Strategy for Whole Person Care (Church Health)

Integrative Medicine (Johns Hopkins Medicine)

Sundara Wellness Center



EAP of the Future

Donna DiClementiMethodist Healthcare EAP, and Melissa Wilkes Donahue, CONCERN EAP 

Is Your EAP Ready for Workforce 2020? (WorldatWork)

Rebranding Your EAP (ISCEBS Symposium)


Methodist Healthcare EAP

Workplace Culture of Mindfulness

Greg Graber, mindfulness author, consultant and mindfulness practitioner , Head of Middle School, Lausanne Collegiate School 

The Health and Business Benefits of Mindfulness (Insights)

14 Simple Steps to Encourage Mindfulness in Your Workplace (Forbes)




Addiction Strategies

Gaye Fortner, HealthCare 21 Business Coalition and Dave Lucarelli and Natalie Fekete, Consumer Medical 

Opioids and the Workplace: An Employer Toolkit (Kentuckiana Health Collaborative)

What You Can Do Now (Shatterproof)

Workplace Substance Use Cost Calculator (Shatterproof)

HealthCare21 Business Coalition

Consumer Medical

Whole Person Workplace Well-Being

Martha Flowers, First Horizon, and Paige Turner, State of Tennessee Employee Benefits Administration

Mental Health & Wellbeing in Today's Workforce (National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions)

Connected: A Whole Person Approach to Wellness (Work Design Magazine)

Fifty Shades of Well-Being: Investing in the Whole Person (Corporate Wellness Magazine)


Annual Supporters

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