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ReThink Obesity

12/05/2019, 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM

City of Memphis Total Rewards, 2714 Union Avenue Extended, 4th Floor, Memphis, TN 38112 map


Because of space limitations, this session is only open to MBGH members and CEO Culture of Health participants.

According to the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions: "Obesity is common, serious and costly, affecting nearly 40% of the US adult population at an estimated annual cost of $147 billion…and rising. It’s clear that tactical attempts to address overweight and obesity — discounts to health clubs, occasional “lunch and learns,” improved cafeteria offerings — aren’t working for those at risk."

The recognition that obesity is a chronic condition, subject to lifelong management and potential frequent relapses, requires employers to deploy robust strategies, tied together in a comprehensive health benefit design and well-being framework.

Plan to join us on December 5, 8:30-10:00, to better understand obesity as a disease and learn how to rethink your approaches to obesity health benefits and well-being programs.

In this session we will focus on how obesity impacts your organization with an emphasis on ensuring that you have comprehensive obesity benefit design and wellbeing programs that meet the needs of your employees across the entire continuum.

We will continue the conversation with a panel discussion that digs deeper into specific strategies that provide opportunities for weight management with sustained health improvement.

Specific topics covered will be:

The physiology of obesity and why a comprehensive benefit and weight management approach is necessary

The medical complications caused by obesity and how they impact your employees and your health benefit plan

The efficacy of weight management programs to address both the health of your employees and your benefit costs.

Speakers include:

Dr. Kim Hutton, Chief Medical Officer, CareATC, where she works closely with physicians to ensure quality patient care in all CareATC facilities. Dr. Hutton  leads CareATC's Population Health and Wellness Division which incorporates individual and group lifestyle coaching strategies, focused on disease management, nutrition, exercise, risk identification, and self management skills.

Dr. Frank Dumont, Virta Health, where he utilizes nutritional ketosis and remote continuous monitoring and management to reverse type 2 diabetes. Current responsibilities include initial medical assessments, ongoing medical management, and safe medication titration of medications during the rapid physiologic changes occurring with ketoadaptation.

Dr. Ulric Duncan, a board certified gastroenterologist practicing in the greater Memphis area who focuses on the medical treatment of obesity to minimize the impact of fatty liver disease, type 2 diabetes, and other complications.

Register by emailing Janis at jslivinski@memphisbusinessgroup.org

Thank you to Novo Noridsk for helping to sponsor this session.


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