CEO Culture of Health Initiative


What It Is

In support of Healthy Shelby and Healthier Tennessee, MBGH has embarked on an initiative to encourage and assist Memphis-area employers in creating cultures of health within their organizations.

Our vision is that Memphis and Shelby County employers become national leaders in community-wide adoption of employer-based cultures of health. These cultures of health will support the:

  • Health, productivity and balance in the lives of employees and their families
  • Financial success and competitiveness of the organization
  • Economic development in Memphis and Shelby County

Why It Matters

A culture of health will establish an environment that promotes and supports employee health. As employees become healthier, they may require less medical treatment, which leads to lower insurance premiums and a healthier, more productive workforce. A culture of health also creates a sense of community, improves employee morale, assists in retention and recruitment, and positions your organization as a preferred place to work.     

How We Help

MBGH provides comprehensive, hands-on assistance with early planning and implementation. We serve as an extra pair of hands by providing:

  1. An easy to complete Worksite Health Assessment that helps you identify the steps you need to take in implementing a culture of health
  2. A roadmap for establishing an evidence-based wellness program within your organization that saves you time and energy
  3. Access to best practices and assistance in developing a wellness program that is easy to execute and sustain over time.

Who Participates 


The CEO Culture of Health initiative is open to all organizations in the Memphis-area. 64 organizations have joined the initiative as of March 2016. Organizations that meet the CEO Culture of Health standards will automatically be recognized as a Healthier Tennessee Workplace. Read about our Annual Awards Luncheon where CEOs from across Memphis gathered to celebrate and recognize participants. Recent media coverage of the initiative is also available on the Annual Awards Luncheon site. 

How To Get Involved

Please contact Cristie Travis at or (901)767-9585 ext. 224.

The CEO Culture of Health initiative is partially funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and United Health Foundation, supported by the National Business Coalition on Health.

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