Member Spotlight

First Horizon National Corp.

Member since: 1985 
Employees: 5,631 globally, 5,620 nationally, 2,652 in Memphis

First Horizon National Corp. is a regional financial services company with a long history of success and traditions dating back to 1864. One of the top-30 bank holding companies in the U.S., First Horizon is known for its exceptional customer service and deep commitment to its people. The parent company of First Tennessee Bank and FTN Financial, First Horizon provides financial services through more than 200 bank locations in and around Tennessee and 14 capital markets offices in the U.S. and abroad.

“Our employees work hard every day to offer outstanding products and services for our customers,” said Salomon Mizrahi, Sr. VP, Total Rewards at First Horizon National Corporation. “Our goal is to provide them with competitive benefit programs that deliver choice and flexibility. We offer a network of physicians and facilities that fits our current footprint with the ability to scale to our needs. Our programs have a competitive and fair cost-sharing ratio between the company and our employees.”

According to Mizrahi, the biggest challenge is the rising cost of health care and MBGH has been able to help him understand and address that challenge.

“The most valuable benefit of being a member of the MBGH is the ability to network with its member companies,” said Mizrahi. “The value of being able to share information with other MBGH members is a valuable return on investment on our membership.”

“While the focus of MBGH is employers and employees, many of their activities, such as pushing for transparency among service providers, benefits the entire community,” said Mizrahi. “We take special pride in being a founding member of the MBGH, as it is a good example of how First Tennessee Bank participates in community-wide activities for the betterment of the community.”

Rhodes College

Member since: 1990
Employees: 450+, all in Memphis

Rhodes is a small liberal arts college, founded in 1848. The college aspires to graduate students who are passionate about learning, effecting change in their communities and the world, and exemplifying leadership and service with integrity. 

The college views its health plan and other benefits as an important tool for attracting and retaining quality faculty and staff.  Adapting to changing demographics in the Rhodes workforce is a significant challenge. 

Rhodes employees represent the whole spectrum when it comes to age, education and their individual commitment to personal health. The college is proud of its preventive care benefit, which covers a wide range of services at little or no cost to employees.

Rhodes also offers multiple plans so employees can choose the one that best suits their needs. Its relationship with its TPA ensures top-level customer care.

“MBGH membership provides us with access to the best healthcare practices and plan design features used at bigger businesses in Memphis,” said Claire Shapiro, Director of Human Resources. “We might not have that access otherwise. 

In addition, MBGH gives us a voice in discussions to influence the provider community in the areas of quality and cost.”

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